First trailer for our upcoming film ‘Thai Country Living’ (อยู่บ้านนอก⁠) which follows the life of Suman – a craftsman and farmer from Thailand’s north-east Isaan region.

Far away from the crowded city, Suman spends his days surrounded by cows and chickens in his open air workshop, crafting a type of traditional mouth organ called a Khaen – as he ponders the importance of family tradition, community, and country life. When evening falls and the work is done, his friends gather round his workshop table to sing songs, tell stories, drink whiskey and play the Khaen together.

Closely linked with Thailand’s Isaan and Lao people, the Khaen is an important part of village life, celebrations and get togethers. Often paired with singers telling stories of the countryside, the sound of the instrument connects deep into the soul of Isaan people… but it is a dwindling art – as few craftsman remain.

Director: Tubby Brother
DOP: Dan Tubby
Editor: Ben Tubby
Composer: Rob Law
Colourist: Simone Grattarola @ Time Based Arts
Sound Design: Martin Leitner @ Wave