Our short film ‘Thai Country Living’ (อยู่บ้านนอก⁠) is about the special way of life in Thailand’s north east Isaan region. A place which transports you to a timeless world far away from modern Bangkok. Friendship, family, community, pride – and celebration after a hard days work – are the rhythms that make the village tick.

The film shares the life of Suman – a farmer and craftsman dedicated to the traditional ways of country living. Suman is an important part of village life – with the instruments he makes being essential in celebrations, get togethers, birthdays and drinking sessions.

In a time when global culture is slowly eroding unique traditions, we wanted to celebrate a simpler and more authentic way of life we found in Suman’s peaceful and mediative world.

Full of energy and human warmth – this film is a thank-you to all the amazing Thai folks that have introduced us to their culture in the most welcoming and warming of ways – through good food, traditional music, friendship… and whiskey.

Film also available with Thai Subtitles here.
คำบรรยายภาษาไทย คลิกที่นี่.

Vimeo Staff Pick
Winner ‘Heritage Award’ British Documentary Film Festival 2021
Winner ‘Best Original Music’ Mosaic Film Festival 2020
Winner ‘Best Sound’ Mosaic Film Festival 2020
Finalist Canada Shorts Film Festival 2020
Semi-Finalist Top Shorts Film Festival 2020
Official Selection Madrid International Film Festival 2021
Official Selection Nice International Film Festival 2021
Official Selection AmDocs Film Festival 2021
Official Selection 9Film Fest 2020
Official Selection Sonic Scene Music Film Festival 2020

Director: Tubby Brother
DOP: Dan Tubby
Editor: Ben Tubby
Composer: Rob Law
Colourist: Simone Grattarola @ Time Based Arts
Sound Design: Martin Leitner @ Wave

Trailer Below: