In this live music video we join The Barker Band as they record a track from their massive album ‘Dig Me A Hole’. Shot at the original Soup Studios location on Hanbury Street, with the feel of a 70’s country recording session akin to the amazing documentary Heartworn Highways. Thank you to Simon for letting us tip-toe around his recording session.

The Barker Band are:

Sam Barker – lead vocals, banjo, mandolin.
Jake Barker – lead vocals, banjo, mandolin.
Nella Johnson – lead vocals, melodica.
Laurie ‘The Tremelo’ Sherman – guitar, banjo.
Tom Wright – bass, vocals.
Rupert Shreeve – drums.

Also in session we have Dave ‘The Goose’ on Rhodes.

For more info on Barker Band go to:

View more songs from that session:

Part 2: ‘Gypsy’
Part 3: ‘Black Cat’

Director/ Camera/ Edit: Tubby Brother