Winner of 1x Silver and 1x Bronze Arrow at the BTAA British Arrows Awards.
Winner of 1x Bronze at the LIA Awards.
Awarded ‘Ad of the Day’ on

Ashwin Willemse: The Right Path tells the story of a man who had a choice of two paths when growing up. One dictated to him by a notorious Cape Town gang, and one he would need to make for himself, to follow a path to the pinnacle of rugby. The film celebrates the choice that he made to defy his circumstances, and with the encouragement of those around him, he became who he really wanted to be, eventually winning 19 caps for his country and becoming a World Champion in 2007.

Director: Tubby Brother
Agency: AMV BBDO
Editor: Ben Tubby
Colourist: Matthieu Toullet @ MPC
Sound Design: James Cobbold @ 750mph